4 Great Tips for Copywriters

So You have decided it’s time to take up copywriting.  That’s great. The initial step to writing an interesting piece of content depends on you.  For instance, are you able to share your thoughts and ideas if you are communicating with someone who you don’t know?  Have a look at these few tips which hopefully help you with that.

Companies pay for pro copywriters because they need help selling their products. They need nice piece of content to accomplish this. Now, this is some kind of problem – because only they know their business on the level to really talk about it.  Surely, no one, even the best copywriter won’t be more accurate. Having this in mind – try to write in a way which would convince your readers to read everything and at the end buy the product.

First Tip – Straight to the point

As we will be focusing on the digital world, rather then traditional print you need to realise what is the main difference. None of the visitors of your website will read all the content, this will look more like a scanning, searching for a piece of information rather than reading a book.

When creating content for a website, make sure you have interesting headings, as they draw most of the attention. If you capture the attention of the website’s visitor, he might eventually read the paragraph as well.  So bear in mind – the first sentence is very important.

Second Tip – Search Engine-Friendly Content

Everything in today’s world relies on whether your content can be found online or not. And this is when Search engines come into the game.  You should avoid duplicate content and write in the way it would be friendly and easily readable by bots. Makes sure that your content is keyword reach and you use both – keywords and their variations. Do not write content without headings and take of proper imagery – yes, images are also important.

Tip 3 – Keyword Usage & Placement

A good SEO copywriter should know how to use keywords which draw attention and have some decent average searches in Google. Get yourself familiar with Keyword Planner Tool or any other tool which helps to determine what sort of keywords your customers might search for. Do not overload your content with keywords though – a recommended keyword density is around 3-4%. You might want to use these keywords in headings, not only in paragraph text.

Tip 4 – 1,200 words

As mentioned – numerous SEO tests have determined that this is the sweet spot for any website content. it’s also advised to use around 4-5 images.

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